Ashtead Christmas Shopping Event (TBC)

3rd December 2019 @ 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM
Ashtead Village

5.45pm  at The Leg of Mutton PH 

The plan is as usual to casually spread ourselves around the village over a couple of hours ending with a music session in either the ‘Leg’ or the Brewery yet to be confirmed.

Obviously at some time weather permitting we will dance at both pubs plus the top of the village (my old office) and this year for the first time outside the new M&S store where there is a wide forecourt.

We will determine the order of our perambulation on the evening but I suggest 4/5 15 minute sessions with interludes to allow consumption of the many free mulled wine/mincepies (beer) doubtless available again.

I believe free parking after 4pm but will check.