Twelfth Night Revels Thursday 4th January at The Willoughby Arms, Kingston





Twelfth-ish Night! Welcome to the House of Fun — Thursday 4th January at The Willoughby Arms, Kingston … 8pm start.

ESMMM will be playing host to some of our local morris teams for a night of morris and mayhem. No rules! Morris kit for those that who do not wish to wear something more exotic. MC for the evening is The Ghost of Christmas Present – Scrooge’s third visitor in ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Those attending are Thames Valley Morris Men, Phoenix Clog, the Pielarks Folk Singers, Kingston Morris, Black Swan Border Morris … and of course Ewell St Mary’s Morris Men.

Singing … set dancing … jigs … country dance … music … Hot Chestnuts Porter (among Rick’s other offerings) … pizza … more singing … and possibly some rapper sword dancing from Fortyfoot Sword.